Priyadarshini institute of pharmaceutical education and research claims of its green and clean campus which infuses positive vibes throughout. Apart from its strikingly cool environment, the college has taken the following initiatives to make its campus eco friendly
Green campus with all the medicinal plantation around the campus


Pharmacy is a unique profession that provides an expertise in manufacturing of medicines, health-care service to patient, ensures safe and effective use of medication for better health and well-being.
We have various departments to train students in various fields of pharmacy
• Pharmaceutics lab
• Pharmacology lab
• Biotechnology lab
• Pharmaceutical Analytical lab
• Medicinal Chemistry lab
• Pharmacognosy lab
• Anatomy and physiology lab
• Machine room
• Pharmacy practice


Keeping pace with the changing times in the field of medicinal plants, the Department maintains a Herbal Garden with several species of Medicinal Plants. The students get a first-hand experience regarding Identification of Medicinal Plants & herbs, with Cultivation & Collection techniques.


The Computer labs with high seeped internet connectivity (4 MBPS leased line) with 30 computers connected in one network.

The use of computer has become inevitable in all the walks of life and so in our College we emphasize the computer training for our students in various ways. We have developed very good computer application laboratory and internet facilities.


PIPER, Guntur
Anti Ragging Help Line
Phone No.-: 1800-180-5522