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Priyadarshini Institute of Science & Technology
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    Priyadarshini College of Engineering is a major provider of quality engineering education into the very heart of the students. We assure you, an education at PITT College of Engineering & Technology College will be your platform to better facilities, bigger achievements and greater success. Priyadarshini College of Engineering & Technology helps create unforgettable learning experiences and memories in the hearts of all their students. We also do guarantee that your learning at PITT would be of the highest quality.

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    The College is headed by a distinguished academic administrator, Dr.G.Ramaswamy who was former professor .He was the member of IAENG’s, MISTE . He is also a member of IJCST,IJECT Editorial board of Journals. He started his career in Department of Technical Education and served in various cadres stretched even a period of 16 years .He has a vast result experience and published more than 10 papers.


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    Counselling Code: PIST
    Location: China Kanjarla, Patancheru, Hyderabad.
    Contact No: 9966104888
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Dream big we make you achieve it
PRIYADARSHINI group of institutions offer you a learning experience rooted in a rich educational heritage and boostedby cutting edge research and innovation.Reputed to be one of the finest institutions ,priyadarshini offers a holistic system of education that is respected by many companies in search of the finest talentacross streams.