Gunture  Tenali  Hyderabad



Analog Electronics, Electrical sciences and Circuit & Systems Labs of Electronics & Communication Department were upgraded with the induction of CRO,Function generators,measuring Instruments,Trainers & Audio Oscillators of various Models and Training Kit was also added in the Communication Systems Lab. The Department is also in the process of upgradation of Digital Electronics & Communication Systems & Circuit Lab for the coming semester. Antenna Trainer Kit was added in the Communication Systems Lab.

Computer & IT Labs

Priyadarshini Institute has well equipped fully air-conditioned computer laboratories comprising of over 250 Pentium IV (with multimedia), Laser Printers, Desk-jet Printers etc. The latest versions of software (Licensed copy) are being installed on all machines. Students are provided with enough computer-time for the practical and project work under the guidance of subject experts. Internet access is provided to students so as to make available global information on click of mouse.

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PRIYADARSHINI group of institutions offer you a learning experience rooted in a rich educational heritage and boostedby cutting edge research and innovation.Reputed to be one of the finest institutions ,priyadarshini offers a holistic system of education that is respected by many companies in search of the finest talentacross streams.