Gunture  Tenali  Hyderabad
Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering is established in 2007. It offers B.Tech programme with a student intake of 60.

The core/traditional engineering disciplines are as important as the interdisciplinary/modern branches of engineering. The social structure and of a society is often exhibited through its civil engineering. Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built infrastructure for fulfillment of Basic Needs of human race including Transportation, Communication, Energy production, Religious, Cultural, Sports and Community and Social and Developmental activities like bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.

In doing so, they quietly shape the history of nations around the world. . Most people can’t imagine without the many contributions of civil engineers to the public health, safety and standard of living.

Well qualified and experienced faculty is one of the salient features of the department In addition the civil department is well equipped with required departmental laboratories with tools and equipments.

Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering is established in 2013. It offers B.Tech programme with a student intake of 60. The broad areas of teaching include Engineering Design, Thermal Engineering Sciences, Manufacturing Processes and Tools, Industrial Engineering and Mechatronics lab. Workshops, Machine shop, Thermal sciences lab, Metrology lab, Kinematics and Vibrations lab and CAD/CAM lab are all provided with the state of the art equipment for training the students.

To provide quality education to the students with the fundamental background necessary for an active successful professional career in Mechanical Engineering in general, to impart knowledge and enlighten students to make them competent, self motivated and expanding their knowledge skills through continuous education, and to inculcate human values and concern for environment and the society.

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